Our ask for the University of Michigan:

We, students at the University of Michigan, ask that the Regents form a committee composed of students, faculty and staff to determine the propriety of fossil fuel investments for the following reasons:1) There is a consensus among the UM community that climate change is occurring, is primarily driven by human’ combustion of fossil fuels and is currently having detrimental effects worldwide.

2) Continued investment in fossil fuels is counter to our core value of sustainability and the academic pursuits of our students and faculty.

3) The fossil fuel industry is undeniably largely responsible for climate change due to the nature of their products and the concerted actions of the industry to slow social progress on addressing climate change.

Support our ask and our goal to build the narrative around climate justice? Then check out our general meetings every Tuesday in 3556 Dana from 7:30-9:00 and be a part of the largest movement on college campuses WORLDWIDE!!!


Divest & Invest in the News

Viewpoint: Students and faculty are united for divestment  December 11th, 2015
An opinion piece published by our organization in the Michigan Daily rebutting President Schlissel’s statements concerning his opinion of divestment.

Radio interview on It’s Hot in Here on WCBN Ann Arbor about the COP 21 Paris Climate Talks featuring Divest Invest leaders V Epshteyn and Ellen Loubert.
Viewpoint: It’s Time to Divest December 7th, 2015
An opinion piece published by our organization in the Michigan Daily outlining the massive progress in the Divest and Invest campaign internationally.UMass Foundation will divest from direct investments in coal companies December 3rd, 2015

For several years, the UMass Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign has been urging the UMass system to divest from the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies, and reinvest in projects and funds that do not perpetuate racism, classism, sexism and other systems of oppression.Is Oil & Gas the New Tobacco? Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement Reaches New Milestone December 2nd, 2015 
Democracy Now! outlining fossil fuel divestment’s place in the COP 21 negotiations, and the fact that more than 500 institutions representing over $3.4 trillion in assets have now made a commitment to divest! “If it’s wrong to cause climate change, it’s wrong to profit from causing climate change.”

Senate Assembly backs effort to investigate oil and coal divestment November 17th, 2015
The University of Michigan’s faculty Senate Assembly passed a resolution in favor of the formation of a committee to look into the university’s fossil fuel industry holdings.

Viewpoint: Divestment isn’t radical, it’s radical we haven’t divested yet October 6th, 2015                                                                    
Op-ed in the Michigan Daily concerning the practical and moral call for divestment at the University of Michigan.

Swarthmore Mountain Justice: UN Climate Chief and Swarthmore alumna Christiana Figueres ’79 Supports Sit-in March 23rd, 2015
UNFCCC Executive Secretary and Swarthmore alumna Christiana Figueres ’79 endorses our sit-in, rebukes Chris Niemczewski’s (Chair of the Board’s Investments Committee) misleading report, and calls on Gil Kemp to move forward with divestment.

The University of Michigan Campus Student Government: CSG Passes Resolution to Support the Formation of an Oil and Coal Investment Committee March 17th, 2015
With a vote of 33 in favor, 2 opposed, and 1 abstention, CSG passed Resolution 4-032 on Tuesday, a resolution to support the formation of an ad hoc committee to determine the propriety of the University’s investments in oil and coal.

The Michigan Daily: CSG proposes committee for fossil fuel divestment March 11th, 2015
During the body’s first meeting after Spring Break, Central Student Government heard proposals on fossil fuel divestment


Did you miss the teach-in??? Well, go to this link to watch ALL of the panels!
This event marks the fiftieth anniversary of the nation’s first teach-in on the war in Vietnam, held at the University of Michigan on March 24-25, 1965. The original teach-in, which was organized and led by faculty on the Ann Arbor campus, addressed one of the most pressing public issues of the day: our nation’s rapidly escalating war in Vietnam. Drawing more than 3,000 students, faculty, and other participants, it proved highly successful, and the teach-in format that was pioneered at the University of Michigan was replicated at countless colleges and universities across the country over the next several months and years. To commemorate this historic event, we have assembled several of the key participants in the 1965 teach-in to reflect on its lasting significance. But the wider purpose of the conference, in the words of Arthur Waskow, a speaker at the original teach-in and a member of our external Advisory Committee, is “commemoration through emulation.” To that end, we are presenting a new teach-in focused on one of the most pressing issues of our time: the escalating war against the planet represented by climate change and the threat it poses to the web of life on earth.
Check out the website for more information!

Missed Global Divestment Day???

Check out this video for our event on February 13th as we were one of over 450 events in 60 countries worldwide as people around the world declared that it’s wrong to wreck the planet, it’s wrong to profit from wrecking it and we are NOT going to be idle anymore.  

Fossil fuel companies are both suffocating and silencing people all over the world. In December these students showed that they don’t support those companies that are making it hard for millions to breathe all over the world.

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