Our Mission

We, students at the University of Michigan, ask that the Regents form a committee composed of students, faculty and staff to determine the propriety of fossil fuel investments for the following reasons:

1) There is a consensus among the UM community that climate change is occuring, is primarily driven by human’ combustion of fossil fuels and is currently having detrimental effects worldwide.

2) Continued investment in fossil fuels is counter to our core value of sustainability and the academic pursuits of our students and faculty.

3) The fossil fuel industry is undeniably largely responsible for climate change due to the nature of their products and the concerted acations of the industry to slow social progress on addressing climate change.

Our Proposal

Working alongside Law Students for a Sustainable Endowment (LSSE), a detailed proposal was created that is the backbone of our argument to the university. Read the full proposal or a summary bellow!

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